Thursday, July 3, 2008

Humm..mumm the song...

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The Spider

theres a spider in the drain and he's feelin pain
and he doesnt want to die anymore than you or i
he's struggling to live but he doesn't have much time
anymore than you or i, you or i
we've got to die, we've got to live
we've got to take what we can get
we sell ourselves for petty change
and when we die, we rearrange
its time to take it back again
its time to take it back again
i want you to love me like i love you
theres nothing more for me to say
i spoke my piece, i'll go on my way
and fare thee well where e'er you go
you might need help, but i wont know
cuz i'm up there in my own cell
it could be heaven it could be hell
we'll never know just who we are
cuz when we die we become a star
and stars cant talk because they have
no mouth to speak about their past
they simply shine up in the sky
and give their light to you and i
and where would we be without their light
we'd call out names and then start a fight
then again thats what we do,
i hate me and i hate you too
cuz i'm in pain just like the spider
in the drain i am a fighter
but i cant win i've got to lose
give me strength to see me through
ease the pain that i must feel
cuz my bones break and i taste the steel
as i go down the drain
i'm insane


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gogoporen said...

hehe iya nih apalagi dkasih lyric hehe hmm kereeenn ah

Anonymous said...

i like it :)