Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 - a kopi keliling project

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yep..we're opening up online exhibition and the theme is 2012 as you can see.. now here's the full in fo about it.. please participate.. :D

Dalam rangka menuju Kopi Keliling 2012, kami ingin mengajak teman-teman semua untuk ikutan kegiatan online exhibition. Kegiatan ini bukan sebuah kompetisi, tapi sarana ekspresi untuk semua lampiaskan secara visual.

Tema di pameran online volume 1 ini adalah: "2012".

Tentang "2012":
Tema ini diangkat untuk sekedar berkhayal, berandai, memprediksi, secara santai tahun baru yang sebentar lagi akan datang. Situasi dunia yang bisa dibilang semakin absurd dapat kita lihat di berita-berita sepanjang tahun 2011. Fenomena sosial, trend yang terjadi, sampai isu kiamat bisa menjadi katalis kejadian-kejadian di masa depan. Jadi apa "2012" di matamu?

Kirimkan karya ke kopikeliling@yahoo.com sebelum tanggal 22 Januari 2012. Format JPG, ukuran maximal A3 (resolusi secukupnya)

Karya yang terpilih akan masuk dalam "featured artist" di www.kopikeliling.com.

--- okay we have the submissions and we already pick a few winner. we're gonna contact some of em to participate in kopi keliling 2012..perhaps sometime in june.." ---


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kopi Keliling Vol.5

heyya..i mentioned before in my last post about i was involved in kopi keliling project.. which is still am and will be making new projects next year..and i would not talk about the whole project here because you can just go to our website for that.. or i can quote my previous post  

"i was also involved in Kopi Keliling Project which was an illustration exhibition project around my town in some cafes ... i get to meet lots of new drawing friends here.. and it's good to be inspired with them :D well i'll review this later on.. (i got to collect pics and such) this is another good thing too.."

well i should've start with the previous volumes.. but i think the 5th would sum it all up.. it's the best so far.. well IMHO though.. great team great artists well almost everything is great maybe because this is a DIY project and we made it to 5 exhibitions this year.. that's a great achievement for the team.. specially Mr.Raymond for breaking those sweat and bones to make it happens (thumbs up) and the artists of course .. most of em are easy to co-op so we can make everything fun and easy.. in fact we did drawings on wood panels together and stay up all night working on the placement at the venue.. hahaha i hope we'll make new projects together in the near future :D i'll post some pics now...

this is my room and my unfinished works hehe.. i did this on weekends ..used as much time as possible.. i want to put effort on this one hehe Image Hosted by ImageShack.us these are the wood panels drawings i should've take more pics.. turns out i only have these.. the one on the left is made by diela maharanie and the make out zombie is mine and rensi ardinta we kinda share a panel Image Hosted by ImageShack.us now this is MINE at the exhibition hehe yeah!! i'm pretty pleased with how it turns out .. oh and i did the batman and joker one on my used skateboard deck hehehe :D
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us these are my friends artworks.. awesome and great.. theres Prasajadi Heru Lastiko, Rukmunal Hakim, Diela Maharanie, Isroltriono, Dika Toolkit and Puppetvector's hehe Image Hosted by ImageShack.us and here we got Nugraha Pratama with his thumbs up, artkelso, Citra Marina, Tatiana Romanova and Rensi Ardinta.. uhm that's her annoying husband blocking the view Image Hosted by ImageShack.us well i guess that's about it..heheh but there's still a lot more artworks .. you can see them here


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's been going on

heyya there... (whoever reading my blog) ..uhmm i dont post here that much anymore since i have my daily sketch blog on tumblr.. it got great response from everyone so i have been posting there like crazy.. lol it was unintentional to get that much of a response .. didn't thought anyone would liked it since i made that for my lousy sketch and scraps hahah but in the end i learn so much from it and well.. my lines are getting better.. well that's just one thing and it keeps me drawing ..a good thing then

since i'm on tumblr so much.. i made another blog also .. my mixtape blog.. well i posted that in here also.. well that's another thing.. i was also involved in Kopi Keliling Project which was an illustration exhibition project around my town in some cafes ... i get to meet lots of new drawing friends here.. and it's good to be inspired with them :D well i'll review this later on.. (i got to collect pics and such) this is another good thing too..

And there's work.. ... ... .... ... (i can't say much about this.. nothing interesting) well it's a job and a decent one .. i get paid for .. so that's another good thing also ...i guess .. well at least i have money for my art supplies :D

and well lately i've been trying out canvas and acrylics and i got this exhibition on 29-31 october with FAR magazine.. they got all these great artists involved.. it's gonna be fun..well i'm making few artworks i hope it turns out nice

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here's my art supplies box.. 
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
trying to put some colors on it
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
zombies and some rotten meat hehehe... here's the poster for the exhibition .. that's me on the bottom with a typo in my name lol...

FAR Flyer

well that's about it.. so what's been going on with me?.. pretty much lots of good things heheh and i hope more of em gonna keep coming at me ..yeaaahhhH!!!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beatles Wall

hehe i made this without a sketch, i just use a yellow sub pic for reference and made it up on the spot.. glad everybody is happy with it heheh :D
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Wall at Soundrenaline - Pekanbaru

well I got invited to this music concert show in pekanbaru (it's in sumatra) as a representative for Kopi Keliling (an art movement project where I took part in it). so they want us to have an activity there to share about our movement and.. about coffee of course..well i didn't know that much about coffee so I just did my part for the art.. and these are mine .. hehe I did the sketch a day before, it's about history of coffee..
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I always prepare things like this before i paint.. it's easier and faster and neat lol
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I'm too lazy, so i had some help..
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the finished pic.. I made a mistake here.. I hope no one sees it.. lol..


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

thinking about wall decals

Image Hosted by gogoporen
so which one do you prefer.. black and white or full color ones? if anyone knows where to make them please tell me hehehe... oh these are submissions for blik and DoodlerAnonymous
showcase.. but they only allows one so i send the wolf one.. uhm but i kinda actually like the black and white one lol..


Monday, February 14, 2011

My wall for 365 interior

still using the bio diversity theme.. with limited color swatches well it's almost finished so here i share a few..
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kopi Keliling Project

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“Kopi Keliling”, or you may call “Kopling” is a collaborative Art Project put together
by a bunch of artists from Indonesia that took coffee as the theme of the project.

Why coffee?

Coffee has been a part of Indonesian culture for ages. Written records show that the
first coffee to set foot in Indonesia (Batavia) was back in the year 1696 by the Dutch
colonial known as VOC (Vereninging Oogst-Indies Company). You may remember it
from the history lessons. Since then Indonesia has been exporting coffee to many
countries all over the world.

Indonesian eventually took the coffee drinking culture into their daily life. We just love a
cup of coffee while having a conversation with friends. It is one of the great qualities of
this concoction. From conversations we can exchange stories, thoughts, or even dreams.

Kopi Keliling?

We are invited by the artists to listen to their story, to feel their thoughts and see their dreams
through a journey of visuals in 5 different places within 5 months. Where in each different places
we will experience different stories.

As they say: “good things happen over coffee”, come join us, grab a cup of coffee and have a
great conversation. You’d never know, it might lead us to something extraordinary.

Kopi Keliling Project Volume 1

The first of many Kopi Keliling series to come. Featuring 10 talented illustrators from Jakarta.
They will tell their tale about coffee through their latest artwork. Accompanied with lovely tunes
from our local bands, together we will experience a fresh look of art and creativity. A celebration
of our local talent and heritage which is art and coffee.

20 February 2011 : Opening Event (Music Performance, Art and Photo Corner)
Sunday At Twelve, Sovana & the Goons, Luky Annash
21 Feb - 04 Mar '11 : Exhibition Only (opening hours: 12 pm - 08 pm)
05 March 2011 : Closing Event (Music Performance, Art and Photo Corner)
Bangku Taman, Swimming Elephants, Andryo Haripradono

Click www.kopikeliling.com for more detail and follow us on twitter @kopikeliling for daily updates.

Contact us:
m 0812 8068 031
m 0856 1708 021
tw @kopikeliling
fb Kopi Keliling
e kopikeliling@yahoo.com