Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's been going on

heyya there... (whoever reading my blog) ..uhmm i dont post here that much anymore since i have my daily sketch blog on tumblr.. it got great response from everyone so i have been posting there like crazy.. lol it was unintentional to get that much of a response .. didn't thought anyone would liked it since i made that for my lousy sketch and scraps hahah but in the end i learn so much from it and well.. my lines are getting better.. well that's just one thing and it keeps me drawing ..a good thing then

since i'm on tumblr so much.. i made another blog also .. my mixtape blog.. well i posted that in here also.. well that's another thing.. i was also involved in Kopi Keliling Project which was an illustration exhibition project around my town in some cafes ... i get to meet lots of new drawing friends here.. and it's good to be inspired with them :D well i'll review this later on.. (i got to collect pics and such) this is another good thing too..

And there's work.. ... ... .... ... (i can't say much about this.. nothing interesting) well it's a job and a decent one .. i get paid for .. so that's another good thing also ...i guess .. well at least i have money for my art supplies :D

and well lately i've been trying out canvas and acrylics and i got this exhibition on 29-31 october with FAR magazine.. they got all these great artists involved.. it's gonna be fun..well i'm making few artworks i hope it turns out nice

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
here's my art supplies box.. 
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
trying to put some colors on it
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
zombies and some rotten meat hehehe... here's the poster for the exhibition .. that's me on the bottom with a typo in my name lol...

FAR Flyer

well that's about it.. so what's been going on with me?.. pretty much lots of good things heheh and i hope more of em gonna keep coming at me ..yeaaahhhH!!!

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