Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kopi Keliling Vol.5

heyya..i mentioned before in my last post about i was involved in kopi keliling project.. which is still am and will be making new projects next year..and i would not talk about the whole project here because you can just go to our website for that.. or i can quote my previous post  

"i was also involved in Kopi Keliling Project which was an illustration exhibition project around my town in some cafes ... i get to meet lots of new drawing friends here.. and it's good to be inspired with them :D well i'll review this later on.. (i got to collect pics and such) this is another good thing too.."

well i should've start with the previous volumes.. but i think the 5th would sum it all up.. it's the best so far.. well IMHO though.. great team great artists well almost everything is great maybe because this is a DIY project and we made it to 5 exhibitions this year.. that's a great achievement for the team.. specially Mr.Raymond for breaking those sweat and bones to make it happens (thumbs up) and the artists of course .. most of em are easy to co-op so we can make everything fun and easy.. in fact we did drawings on wood panels together and stay up all night working on the placement at the venue.. hahaha i hope we'll make new projects together in the near future :D i'll post some pics now...

this is my room and my unfinished works hehe.. i did this on weekends ..used as much time as possible.. i want to put effort on this one hehe Image Hosted by ImageShack.us these are the wood panels drawings i should've take more pics.. turns out i only have these.. the one on the left is made by diela maharanie and the make out zombie is mine and rensi ardinta we kinda share a panel Image Hosted by ImageShack.us now this is MINE at the exhibition hehe yeah!! i'm pretty pleased with how it turns out .. oh and i did the batman and joker one on my used skateboard deck hehehe :D
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us these are my friends artworks.. awesome and great.. theres Prasajadi Heru Lastiko, Rukmunal Hakim, Diela Maharanie, Isroltriono, Dika Toolkit and Puppetvector's hehe Image Hosted by ImageShack.us and here we got Nugraha Pratama with his thumbs up, artkelso, Citra Marina, Tatiana Romanova and Rensi Ardinta.. uhm that's her annoying husband blocking the view Image Hosted by ImageShack.us well i guess that's about it..heheh but there's still a lot more artworks .. you can see them here

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